Handspun yarns (natural fibers from the farm, often mixed with commercial products to add pizzaz. $10/ounce - each skein is different.  3-6 ounce skeins.  email for info.
Millspun yarns (100% lamb's wool- Blue Face Leicester/Dorset 75/25 cross)
from Michigan grown sheep
$12/3 oz skeins of natural colored yarn is here!
natural white ) happygoatluckyewe@yahoo.com
2010 Millspun Yarn 90% wool,10% Mohair - excellent for dying!
$12/skein natural white: approximately 130 yards, sportweight, 2.9 - 3 ounce skeins
2010  Millspun, hand dyed, 5 skeins  90% wool, 10% mohair: we have a wild, rainbow mix of colors - oh so fun!  $16/skein
handspun crochet ponchomphair and wool - $200
Handspun,crocheted shawl, kid mohair and silk  $175
Handspun natural white kid mohair, crocheted by Laura  $200
Apple Blossum Pink                                         Brown
Burgundy                                       Apricot
Royal Blue                                           Lemon Tree
Plum                                         Discount- full basket yarn
Wet Felted Merino wool hat w/mohair bucle` band- $70
Mohair Locks Dubbing
En Pointe
Mohair locks: Multi colored or natural white.  $2/ounce
Lamb's wool for dancer's slippers in gift box:  $5.00
Dubbing  for fly tying: $7.95 (Includes handspun yarn, hooks, mohair locks, and wool roving in dyed and natural colors) approximately 1 oz. - includes beetlebug green.